“Goriz” Repellent Powder

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Goriz is a non toxic and effective powder for repelling animals such as rat, rabbit, fox, wolf, jackal, hog, dog and cat in places like garden, grassland, farm, poultry farm, hospital, factory, station (power, phone, gas and railroad) and other places which these animals cause annoying, economic and health problems.

Where and How to use:

Use Goriz depend on place and kind of using as dry powder or as very (smooth or stiff) paste.

  • If the goal is saving some seed from pests like rat, fox and hog under the soil and after planting, wet seeds then mix them with Goriz powder then plant them. It’s recommended to mix top soil with Goriz.
  • To repel animals like rats, rabbits, fox, hog, jackal in gardens and prevent damage to trees specially in trunk area, make a uniform paste of Goriz by mixing it in some water then apply it on trees trunk by brush.
  • To prevent damage to trunk, crown and roots of seedlings use Goriz before and after planting. Wet the crown and trunk then use Goriz on it and plant it. It is better to mix some Goriz with soil around the seedling. For using Goriz on new planted seedlings in addition to applying on trunk mix some Goriz with soil around the crown by 20 cm radius.
  • To prevent animals like, rats, fox, jackal and hog to places like poultry farms, factories and stations, use Goriz on places more likely to contact animal head and face.

This powder is non toxic and no harm to animals and just repel them form the place used. It’s environment friendly and not dangerous to people and animals. This powder has 6 month effect in applied area.

Amount of use:

Use 150-200 gram per square meter.

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