Agricultural Diazinon 60% EC

Additional information



Package volume

1 Liter


Milky white

Target pests

All types of Scale insects and etc.


EC ( Emulsifiable Consentrate )

Label Certification No.


Certificate issuer organization

Plant Protection Organization of Iran

Agricultural Diazinon 60% EC is an Oreganophosphate insecticide which is used against mealy bugs, scale insects, asiatic rice borer, slug, aphids, psyllids, grapes, thrips and apple codling moth.

Key features:

  • Digestive, contact, non systemic and respiratory insecticide
  • Active ingredient: 600 gr/kg
  • Preharvest interval: 10 days
  • Active ingredient toxicity: 1250 mg/kg


  • Prevent grazing animals from pesticide treated areas at least for 10 days
  • Dangerous for birds and honey bee


Rates of Use for Samsazan Agricultural Diazinon 60%

CropPestRate of Use
AppleCodling moth0.3 - 1 liters per thousand
PearPear psylla 1 liter per thousand
Forestry and Fruit TreesPolyphylla olivieri3 - 3.5 liters per hectare
PistachioScale insects1 liter per thousand
Citrus Fruits
Scale insects1 liter per thousand
DatesScale insects1.5 liter per thousand
Sugar BeetSugar Beet Pests1 - 1.5 liters per hectare