Golnaz Fertilizer Tablet

Golnaz Fertilizer Tablet is a set of 2 Tablets containing nutrition materials for flower pots. One of the tablets contains iron fertilizer and the other contains urea, phosphate and other nutrition.

Iron fertilizer returns the lost energy of the plant and makes yellow leaf green. It Also helps production of new leafs and increase the photosynthesis.

Urea and phosphate fertilizer prevents leafs to get yellow and helps trunk to grow faster. This fertilizer helps plant to maintain it’s freshness. 

The advantage of this method than other methods is it’s ease of use. 

How to use:

Put the tablet in soil around trunk in a way that the surface be visible from above.

ویژگی های محصول




One tablet brownish red and the other is gray


Vacuumed on cardboard

Where to Use

Indoors and Outdoors, inside the pots