Halak Chocolate Rodenticide


Halak Chocolate Rodenticide is a ready to use and anticoagulant Bait which is made in the form of chocolate. It can be divided into 2 or 4 sections depending on the use. This anticoagulant rodenticide is attractive and delicious for mice and other rodents. It has been formulated to preserve the appearance, natural properties, freshness and amount of its active  ingredient over a long period of time and under different weather conditions and can be used against all rodents. This type of rodenticide can be used in rodent fighting projects in periodic or compilation techniques along with other rodenticides


  • Applicable in various weather conditions (dry, wet, rainy and in water)
  • Applicable inside and outside of residential buildings and homes
  • Applicable inside and outside buildings of factories and industries
  • Applicable in streams and beaches
  • Applicable in the greenbelt, forestation and tree planting
  • Applicable to municipalities, towns and parks
  • In addition to low risk, livestock, animals and domestic birds are reluctant to use it
  • After eating the bait, the rodent is less visible and after the elimination, the remains of the body do not smell a stink

Additional information


Wax in Chocolate slate shape



Target pests

Rats and other rodent

Where to use

Indoor, Outdoor, dry and wet place even in water

Sanitary Certificate No.