Halak Chocolate (box) Rodenticide

Halak Chocolate Rodenticide is a ready to use anticoagulant bait which is dividable to 2 or 4 pieces depend on use. This rodenticide is anticoagulant, interesting and delicious for rodents and contains preservatives to keep the bait fresh and effective in all conditions. This rodenticide is usable in all indoor, outdoor, cold, warm and even in water.

How to use:

  • Divide the bait to multiple pieces without touching it bare handed
  • Put the bait pieces on the rats way, under the refrigerator, cabinets, washing machine, under the luggage, in water canals and in the water.
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Chocolate slate shaped wax




30 gr

Target pest

Rats and other rodents

Where to use

Indoor, outdoor, dry , humid and rainy place

Sanitary certificate No.