Halak Combi (Insecticide Liquid)

Halak Combi Insecticide Liquid is a multi combination insecticide consist of 3 pyrethroid insecticide of wide spectrum in use which percentage of combination changes depend on environmental and biological conditions of pests in residential, offices and industrial spaces based on Samsazan Chemical Industries Company with more than 40 years of experience. Combination percentage of this product is changing periodically to prevent resistance effect and lower pesticide dose required.

Where to use:

Halak Combi public health insecticide is odorless and tint less and there is no need to move equipment or people out of treated place and it’s very economic in compare to other pesticides.

Halak Combi has flushing feature on insects and used against most public health pests such as cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquito, bedbug, woodlouse, caterpillar and has a powerful effect on 3 frequent species of public health cockroaches in Iran:

  1. Peripleneta Americana (The American Cockroach)
  2. Blatta Orientalis (The Oriental Cockroach)
  3. Blattela Germanica (The German Cockroach)

How to use:

Halak Combi public health pesticide is an emulsifiable liquid. To use against general insects and specially German cockroach (tiny golden roaches), mix 200 cc of Halak Combi in 10 liter water to get a milky white liquid. This pesticide has flushing effect, so it can absorb German cockroach to get out of their hidden places to kill them.

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Combi EC


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Where to use

Indoors, Outdoor

Target pests

All types of Crawling Insects