Halak Electrical Insecticide Powder

Halak Electrical Insecticide Powder is for controlling insects and specifically German cockroach (Blattela Germanica) in power and electronic boxes, devices and other industrial machinery which are suitable and safe place for insects to hide. It is also very useful in factories specially food processing plants and hard to reach places like canals, tunnels, ceilings in kitchens and restaurants. This powder is dry, odorless, leaves no tint and spot and has long lasting effect and is safe. It does not harm equipment and circuits inside power boxes.

How to use:

Using electrical powder is by powder sprinkling method. After using the powder the particles floating in the air will attached to the surfaces and with long lasting effect kills the insects. This powder prevents the problems happen when using the liquid pesticides which make the boxes wet and as a result of this wetness, short circuit and damage to the wires, cables and equipment happen, so it improves the life and endurance of electrical equipment. Another important aspect of this powder is the permanency on surfaces.

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