Halak Fly Killer Bait (100 gram)

Halak Fly Killer Bait is designed to control a variety of flies.  This pesticide contains 1% effective ingredient, other fillers and filtering agents, formulated and produced in the form of small seeds in the Samsazan Chemical Industry Laboratory.



  • Totally sanitary
  • Odorless
  • Has a great power and influence on various types of fly 
  • Affordable

Where to use:

In places with a lot of fly, especially in urban and rural areas, flies cause harassment or endangering human health. For this purpose, the Halak Fly Killer Bait is used to kill flies in the following places:

  • Houses
  • Hospitals
  • Barracks
  • Food factories
  • Rural workshops
  • Animal husbandry and poultry
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Water and sewage treatment plants
  • Collecting, recycling and disposing of waste places in cities and towns

How to use:

  1. Spot-Spray:

Pour 1 liters of lukewarm water into the bucket (or cleaned spray). Then add 100 g of the fly killer bait gradually and mix it well to obtain a uniform solution. Finally, pour it inside the sprayer and spray the target area.

  • This solution can cover 11-13 square meters of surface or 23-26 square meters of walls.
  1. Paint-On:

Add 100 g of flies, gradually, into a 300 milliliter of lukewarm water and mix it well so that a uniform solution can be obtained. Then it fits in surfaces full of flies or places where insects stay like edges of windows and glasses and so on.

  • Before use, dust should be removed.
  • This amount is enough for 20-23 square meters on the surface of the earth and 33-40 square meters on the surface of the wall or the roof.
  1. The method of wetting and distributing the fly bait for 100 grams per 33 square meters.

  2. The method of pouring flies bait in dishes is 100 grams per 33 square meters.

  1. Use the Halak Fly killer Bait 100 g at 33 square meters on dry surfaces such that the prey is not exposed to rain and rain, and if desired, after collecting the result, they can be collected.

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