Halak Fly killer Bait

Halak Fly killer bait is a ready to use bait which is used against all kinds of fly. This product is safe, odorless, very powerful and effective on every fly and cockroach and also economic with 1 percent active ingredient and other lures and fillers. This product is make as very tiny granules by Samsazan chemical industries company.

Where to use:

It can be used in places full of flies, specially in rural and urban areas which flies can cause public health problems. It’s also usable in poultry farms, slaughterhouse, food processing factories, garrisons, hospitals, rural workshops, water purifying stations, waste dumping, recycling and Separation areas in cities and houses.

How to use:

Use Halak fly killer bait according to the condition and equipment availability in outdoor and indoor as 5 methods described below:

  • Spot-Spray :Pour 2.5 liter of warm water in bucket (or clean spray pump). Add 300 gr of bait gradually and mix it well to get a uniform liquid. Spray the liquid on intended areas. This liquid can cover 35-40 square meter of ground or 70-80 square meter of walls. To use in wider area pour 1 kg in 8-9 liters of water and use it as directed above.
  • Paint-on: pour 300 gr of bait in 1 liter warm water and mix it well to get an uniform liquid. Rub the liquid on surfaces full of flies or land with a painting brush.

Remove dust before using.

This amount of bait is enough for 60-70 square meters of ground or 100-120 square meters of wall or ceiling.

  • Wetting the intended area and pouring fly bait

۳۰۰ gr for 10 square meters

  • Pouring 300 gr of bait in a wet container.
  • Dry use: Pouring 300 gr of bait on 100 square meter away from wind and rain on dry surface so it can get cleaned after getting desired result.

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