“Halak” Industrial Insecticide Powder

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Halak industrial insecticide powder is a very powerful insecticide with fast knockdown and long lasting effect and wide spectrum of use against cockroach, ant, Earthworm, bedbug, flea, louse, woodlouse, caterpillar, earwig and grasshopper.

Halak is a white, odorless, safe and unsolvable in water powder with active ingredient of Pyrethroid group which formulated for industrial and commercial areas.

Where to use:

This powder is used in hotel, factory, garrison, poultry and husbandry farm, restaurant, silos, wool and fiber stocks, food processing factories and other urban and rural places.

How to use:

Use Halak powder beside the walls, around the water and sewage pipes in holes and cracks, canals, in factories under the equipment and machinery or boxes, under the food and cloth bags stocked and before under the pallets before putting on ground. generally use the powder where it’s likely insects gather, hide and reproduce, repeat the treatment if needed.

Halak is also applicable outdoor. Around the buildings, in front of entrance and exit doors, use it around waste disposal areas to get better results. It’s recommended to wet the treatment area before applying the powder to fix it and prevent scattering Halak powder and get good results.

Additional information


Non solvable powder in water



Where to use

Indoor, out door

Target pest

All kind of crawling insects including: cockroach, ant, bedbug, flea, caterpillar, lizard and etc.