Halak Insecticide Fume Cartridge

Halak insecticide fume cartridge is a reliable pest control method for storage pests and hidden pests such as bedbug, termite, moth, german cockroach and etc.


Halak insecticide fume cartridge is a new and effective method of public health pests (flying, crawling and hidden) control in industrial areas specially hidden insects such as (termite, bedbug, moth, borer beetle) or areas with dry pest control obligation due to kind of materials stocked or specific condition. This product is usable for places such as paper and carton stocks, library, archive, museum, textile, wool and carpet stocks and unreachable places like high ceilings, tunnels, manholes and cracks.

How to use: 

  1. Tearing the cartridge cardboard from its center by a sharp object
  2. After removing the cardboard, two blocked holes and a black wick is observed.
  3. After ensuring the complete closure of the area (except the user’s final exit door) and the exit of people from the area, light the wick with a match, close the exit door and get away immediately. It is worth noting that, if you use several cartridges, fire them from the end of the area to the exit door. Its better to lock the last exit door and install a warning label that implies the ban on people entering, the date of doing the job and the date of opening the door. 

The amount of usage: 

Each cartridge is enough to fume 250 cubic meters of space. If the place is large, You can use several fume cartridges simultaneously. In this case, the cartridges firing should be repeated from the beginning to the end (the last exit door). First, it is necessary to prepare all the cartridges and then plant them in their place, so that when firing the cartridges, the fume from the previous cartridges does not cause discomfort to the person using it.  

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