Halak Pellet (box) Rodenticide


Halak Pellet Rodenticide is a very powerful and effective anticoagulant rodenticide. The daily feeding of mice, even with less than 1 mg of the active ingredient, is sufficient to eliminate mice after a week. Rodents will go to the bait and feed it with eagerness, without worrying about its toxicity. The great advantage of this rodenticide is that the death of the rodent is not rapid and it appears in animals like death due to aging. As a result, rodents are eliminated by the blood sodiumization changing and internal hemorrhage.

How to use:

  • Halak Pellet Bait must keep in dry place and away from rain
  • For small rodents 20 gr and bigger ones 100 gr bait needed
  • It’s recommended to put bait in a box, pipe or something else
  • Distance of baits must be less than 5 meters, if the infection is too high lower the distance to 2 or 1 meter

Additional information


100 gr



Target pest

House mouse and Rats

Where to use

Indoors and dry area


Pellet bait

Sanitary Certificate Code