Halak Wax (Plate) Rodenticide

Halak plate wax rodenticide has absorbent formulation for rats and it is water proof and not dangerous for non target animals.


Halak Plate Wax Rodenticide has been designed and produces due to the problems, needs and regulations of customers for the first time by Samsazan. Plate wax contains 200 wax blocks of 5 gr each in a mold made of PVC and Polyethylene which prevents blocks from sticking together and shape change and deigned to have 1 kg weight.

Features and applications:

Plate Wax Rodenticide formulated with 1st and 2nd generation anticoagulant rodenticides which is applicable in industrial, urban and rural areas.

This rodenticde is water proof and feeding is very attractive for rodents and is usable in and out of buildings, water canals, rivers, around dams, farms, gardens and all wet and rainy places even in the water.

The advantage of this rodenticide is that animals like birds, dog, cat and other non target animals don’t have tendency to eat this bait and it’s easily applicable in poultry and husbandry farms, zoo and animal breeding stations.

How to use:

Take out 5 gr blocks from the mold and distribute them depend on biological and environmental situation in distance 2 to 4 meter in wide area and suitable places for rats, on their rout of moving. There is no problem to use this rodenticide combined with other rodenticides in rodent control projects and plans.

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