Halak Puffy (box) Rodenticide


Halak Puffy Rodenticide is a fresh, attractive, anticoagulant and ready to use bait for using against rats and rodents. This product is formulated with nuts to attract rodents and produced n full automated devices and contains preservatives, UPS oil to keep the bait fresh and effective for longer time. This rodenticide is usable in and around buildings and all weather conditions even under the sunlight and humid places.

Where to use:

  • This product can be used in and around residential and commercial buildings, grocery stores in urban and rural areas.
  • This product is suitable for dry, humid, warm and cold areas, contains attractant for rodents and preferable to other food stuff to use in grocery stores and food stocks.

How to use:

  • Put the bait in small piles not more than 5 meter distance, try not to touch the bait bare handed.
  • Bait needed for small mouse 20 gr and for rats 50 to 100 gr for each pile.

Additional information


100 gr



Target pests

All types of rodent

Where to use

Indoor, Outdoor, high humidity places, Not for use in water

Sanitary Certificate No.