“Samsatox” Garbage Powder

Samsatox is used as anti decay and odor, repellent and insecticide against insects like fly and mosquito on urban and rural garbage and other residue or excreta of human or animals.


Halak Garbage Powder (Samsatox) has been designed and formulated by Samsazan labs for the first time. This powder is designed to prevent decay and odor, repelling and killing insects such as flies and mosquito on urban and rural waste and other residue waste materials or human and animals excreta concentration places. This powder eliminates larva and eggs of insects in waste in addition to fully mature insect and also prevents activity of bacteria, fungi and mildew. Samsatox reduces leachate by preventing decay and increasing the pH to acidic zone. Samsatox repels animals from landfills.

Where to use:

Industry, agriculture, food processing factories, petrochemical and refinery sites, waste concentration, shipping, separation and landfill stations, temporary waste containers, husbandry and poultry farm, aquaculture, hotel, hospital and house.

How to use:

  • As powder:

Samsatox applied on waste and garbage by hand or powder applying devices. You can use Samsatox before filling the ground with garbage. Use 1 kg of Samsatox for 20 square meters.

  • As liquid:

Solve 1 kilogram of Samsatox in 25 liter and spray it on garbage for 30 square meter. For landfill places use Samsatox with multiple layers as powder or liquid.

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