Kalat Cake Rodenticde

Kalat Cake Rodenticde is a fresh, attractive and anticoagulant ready to use bait for controlling rodents in all kinds of places and conditions. This cake is designed in EPA standard with most delicious and attractive nuts for rodents. Kalat Cake Rodenticide contains preservative materials and USP to keep the bait fresh and effective for long time. Kalat cake rodenticide is suitable for use indoor and outdoor, under the sunlight, wet, cold and warm places and even in water. This product keeps it’s freshness and active ingredient effect in every condition for a long time.

Where to use:

Kalat Cake Rodenticide is usable indoor and outdoor, in park, factory, grocery store, poultry farm, farm, garden, warehouse, ship, airplane, tunnel, canal and subway station, generally all urban and rural area for rodent control project. This rodenticide is suitable for dry, wet and rainy, cold and warm places.

  • It contains rodent attractant and preferable to other foods which makes it good choice for grocery stores, chain stores and food stocks.
  • Dividable to smaller pieces with longer preservation time in all conditions.
  • Other animals aren’t interested in this products so it can be easily used in poultry farms and husbandry.
  • Kalat Cake Rodenticide can be used in all combined and alternative baiting in putative and station methods as preferable bait.

ویژگی های محصول


Cake shaped



Active ingredient


Where to use

Indoor, outdoor, wet and humid places even in water