Kalat Chocolate Rodenticide

Kalat Chocolate Rodenticide is a ready to use anticoagulant bait designed in shape of chocolate slate easy to divide to 2 or 4 pieces depending on situation.

This rodenticide is anticoagulant, attractant and delicious for rodents and its formulation makes it durable in all kind of weather condition, so the shape, freshness of bait and active ingredient will remain intact.

This rodenticide is usable in all alternative and combined methods of rodent control.

Where to use:

  • All weather conditions ( Dry, humid, wet even in water )
  • Indoor and outdoor of residential and industrial buildings
  • Beside the rivers and sea shore
  • In gardens, farms and parks
  • This bait is designed and produced by EPA standard and full automatic devices. This product contains preservative materials and USP oil
  • This product is usable in all indoor and outdoor areas in cold and warm condition, in canals and even in water

ویژگی های محصول


Wax blocks with shape of chocolate slate



Active ingredient


Where to use

Indoor, Outdoor, usable in high humid places and water

Target pests

All kinds of rats and rodents