Samsafog (Fog Liquid)

Samsafog Fog Liquid is a very effective Combi Liquid of pyrethroid pesticides for using in Cold/ULV and hot foggers. Samsafog is synergic in addition to fast knockdown, easy to use and economic features against wide spectrum of public health and stored products.

Fogger devices (cold and hot) with aromatic and white oils are used against all kinds of flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes and crawling insects like cockroaches, ants, woodlouses, caterpillars and etc in all urban, rural, industrial, passages, sewage canals, installation canals, septic, power and phone canals and indoors or outdoors around the buildings.

It’s not recommended to use aromatic fog in residential, office and stores specially food stores due to high volume of fog, tint and oil remaining.

Samsafog has two models:

  • Ready to use (Premix) Samsafog-PM
  • Emusifiable fog liquid – Samsafog-EC

How to use:

  • Samsafog PM: Depend on using hot or cold fog device, choose C (for cold) or H (for hot) formulation and just pour SAMSAFOG in device tanker.
  • Samsafog EC: Depend on environmental situations and type of pests, mix and dilute 1 liter of Samsafog-EC with 4 liter of aromatic or white oil and use it in sewage manholes and other spaces.

ویژگی های محصول


EC – Emulsifiable in aromatic solvent

PM – PreMix ready to use.


Depends on customer order

Target pest

All kinds of crawling and fling insects

Where to use

Indoor and outdoor