Samsohop Grasshopper Killer Bait

Samsohop grasshopper killer bait is a specific pesticide for grasshopper with contact and digestive effect which is prepared as a ready to use pellet bait for public health and industrial and non-agricultural areas.

 Where to use:

“Samsahop” can be used in various places such as:

  • Food and Industrial factories
  • Refineries and Petrochemicals
  • Airports
  • Radio and TV stations
  • Trains
  • Generally in non-agricultural areas

 How to use:

Use Samsohop ready to use bait by manually pouring according to infection amount 5 to 10 gr per square meters.

  • In large and open areas, the baiting process can be used at least 25-30 kg / hectare.
  • This action can be repeated, if there is a pest


  • Keep this product out of children’s reach and pets in a safe and locked place
  • If there are domestic animals, especially poultry in the area, keep them in a safe place before baiting process.
  • Use gloves and protective tools when baiting
  • Change clothes and wash your hands and face with plenty of water and soap after operation
  • In case of poisoning symptoms, see a doctor immediately


The antidote for this product is Atropine Sulfate, which should be taken under the supervision of a doctor.