Termatox (Insecticide Liquid)

Termatox Insecticide Liquid is a Combi insecticide consist of 3 pyrethroid insecticide with wide spectrum of use. The percentage of combinations varies depend on environmental and biological condition of important pests in residential, office and industrial spaces. Type of combination is changing periodically to prevent the resistance effect and using lowest pesticide dose.

Where to use:

Termatox public health pesticide don’t have any odor and tint and there is no need for moving the equipment and people out and it is very economic.

Termatox has flushing on almost every public health pest specially on termite in various places and has 4 distinct effect of disinfection, fungicidal, insecticide and super effect of repelling on insects.

How to use:

Termatox Insecticide Liquid is an emulsion liquid public health pesticide. For effective control of general insects and specifically termite, mix 250 cc of Termatox with 10 liter of water and spray it on surfaces.

For better results, it’s strongly recommended to use gas and fumigation methods (See Halak Gas Burnet Tablet and Fume cartridge FC10) along with Termatox.

ویژگی های محصول


Combi EC


Disinfectant, fungicide, repellent, no odor and tint

Where to use